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Special Notices

    • The revised program solicitation for International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) is now available
      Questions about the IRES program should be directed to Dr. Maija M. Kukla, IRES Program Director at
    • The Directorate for Geosciences and the Office of International Science and Engineering announce a new Multilateral Research Funding Initiative between the Belmont Forum and the G8 Heads of Research Councils (G8HORCs).  This call will focus on addressing issues of "Freshwater Security" and "Coastal Vulnerability" that are best addressed through a coupled interdisciplinary and multinational approach. All proposals for this call will be submitted to the central International Opportunities Fund website.  For information specific to U.S. researchers, please see the Dear Colleague Letter at /pubs/2014/nsf12072/nsf12072.jsp?org=NSF


  • Dear Colleague Letter NSF 11-087 introduces Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI).   Excellence in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) research and education exists in many parts of the world.  Scientific advances can be accelerated by working across international borders.  SAVI will facilitate such research collaboration, providing a platform for teams of U.S. investigators to network with their partners abroad.   Proposals to support SAVI activities are to be submitted to existing, active NSF programs that best fit the proposed subject matter.  Potential proposers should contact the appropriate Directorate or Office representative listed on the SAVI website prior to proposal submission.   See details at   

  • In addition to the solicitations listed below, investigators may also include international components in new proposals submitted to any relevant NSF program, or request supplemental funding for projects already supported by NSF.  Investigators should consult early in the application process with both the disciplinary program manager and OISE country program manager.  OISE works with all NSF areas to co-fund new awards and supplements that meet these criteria:

    • True intellectual collaboration with foreign research partner (Foreign partner's 2-pg biosketch & communication outlining project role must be included. If foreign institution will provide resources, also include an endorsement letter from the foreign institution.)
    • New international collaborations, as opposed to well-established ones;
    • Clear benefit to U.S. science/engineering community from expertise, facilities, or resources of the foreign collaborator; and
    • Active research engagement of U.S. students and junior researchers at the foreign site.

    OISE does not provide support for U.S. scientists and engineers to participate in international conferences; nor does it provide support for such meetings. OISE can support workshops that immediately precede or follow a larger-scale conference when they add an international dimension focused on building research collaboration (see NSF Grant Proposal Guide II.D.8 & 9).

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