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Collaboration in Computational Neuroscience
Dear Colleague Letter: French-US Collaboration in Computational Neuroscience - NSF 12-114

Rapid advances in empirical methods, together with powerful mathematical and computational techniques, and an unprecedented ability to store and analyze large quantities of data, place computational neuroscience at the threshold of paradigm-shifting discoveries. Computational neuroscience thrives from integrating expertise across multiple disciplines and, therefore, is well suited for funding mechanisms specifically designed to foster integrative research and collaboration between different investigators, institutions, and countries. Both France and the United States are strongly interested in fostering collaboration in emerging interdisciplinary topics, and realizing the opportunities posed specifically by computational neuroscience.  More...
SaTC CAREER Proposals!

If you are planning on submitting a CAREER proposal to the CISE Directorate for the Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) program, you will find that SaTC is not listed as a program that accepts CAREER proposals.  Please be advised that all CAREER SaTC proposals to the CISE Directorate should be submitted to the to the Trustworthy Computing (TC) program. If this procedure is followed, your CAREER proposal will be managed by SaTC staff.  Any questions regarding this notice should be directed to Jeremy Epstein or Sam Weber.

US Ignite at NSF

NSF will serve as the lead federal agency for a White House Initiative called US Ignite, which aims to promote U.S. leadership in the development and deployment of next-generation applications and services with societal impact on ultra-fast, programmable networks.  NSF will expand and leverage its investments in the Global Environment for Networking Innovation (GENI) project.  GENI, a programmable virtual laboratory or testbed for Internet-scale networking experimentation, sets the technical groundwork for US Ignite.  NSF is also encouraging the development of novel, next-generation applications and services that take advantage of these advanced testbeds and have potential for significant societal impact: see the Dear Colleague Letter (/publications/pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=nsf12085) and Mozilla Ignite ( for more information.  

NSF Press Release:  /news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=124472&org=NSF&from=news

Big Data Research Initiative
At a White House event on March 29, NSF Director, Dr. Subra Suresh, joined other federal science agency leaders to discuss cross-agency plans and announce new research efforts to extract knowledge and insights from large and complex collections of digital data.  NSF will direct its current efforts to develop new methods to derive knowledge from data; construct new infrastructure to manage, curate and serve data to communities; and forge new approaches for associated education and training. Specific announcements relevant to the CISE community include:
Core Techniques and Technologies for Advancing Big Data Science & Engineering, or Big Data, Solicitation
Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship, or IGERT, CIF21 Track Dear Colleague Letter
Data-Intensive Education-Related Research Funding Opportunities Dear Colleague Letter
See the NSF press release for more information.
Biological & Computing Shared Principles
The Biological Sciences (BIO) and Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) Directorates invite proposals that advance research focused on principles shared between the two disciplines.  More....
SI2 program

The Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) has partnered with the Office of Cyberinfrastructure and the other NSF directorates to establish this crosscutting SI2 program called Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2) (/si2/). Participation from the CISE community is encouraged. The solicitation describes the general terms and conditions of the program. In addition, this letter gives further guidance from the CISE perspective.   More.....

Recently Announced Funding Opportunities See All

Innovation Corps Sites Program
(NSF  12-604) Posted August 30, 2012

United States-Israel Collaboration in Computer Science
(NSF  12-603) Posted August 30, 2012

Innovation Corps Teams Program
(NSF  12-602) Posted August 28, 2012

NSF Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Fellows
(NSF  12-601) Posted August 27, 2012

Graduate Research Fellowship Program
(NSF  12-599) Posted August 16, 2012

Upcoming Due Dates See All

Research Experiences for Undergraduates
(NSF  12-569) Full Proposal: September 12, 2012, Deadline for REU Site proposals except for those requiring access to Antarctica

Arctic SEES
(NSF  12-553) Full Proposal: September 14, 2012

Documenting Endangered Languages
(NSF  11-554) Full Proposal: September 15, 2012

Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Program
(NSF  12-516) Full Proposal: September 28, 2012

National Robotics Initiative
(NSF  11-553) Letter of Intent: October 1, 2012, Small Proposals

Funding Rates

FY 2011 CISE Funding Rate for Research Grants

CISE funding rates chart

  About Funding Rates

News See All
image of smartphones How to Feed Data-hungry Mobile Devices? Use More Antennas
Released August 23, 2012
News From the Field
image of a street indicative of Paris What Makes Paris Look Like Paris? Carnegie Mellon Software Finds Stylistic Core
Released August 7, 2012
News From the Field
Photo of President Obama addressing 2011 PECASE recipients in the White House East Room. President Obama Honors Early Career Scientists and Engineers
Released August 3, 2012
Press Release
Soft Body Locomotion No Bones About It
Released August 2, 2012
News From the Field
Discoveries See All
Window layout of the overall interface of ASE. A New Visualization Method Makes Research More Organized and Efficient
The Action Science Explorer (ASE) helps reveal emerging trends and controversies and encourages collaborations within the research community
Released  December 7, 2011

Image of a house in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. New Forecasting Algorithm Helps Predict Hurricane Intensity and Wind Speed
The Prediction Intensity Interval model for Hurricanes (PIIH) algorithm seeks to mitigate damage by the "evil god of winds and destruction"
Released  December 5, 2011

Image of a hydrogen atom with spin, representing an orbital mixture of two probablity waves. The AlloSphere Offers an Interactive Experience of Nano-sized Worlds
New research opportunities emerge from instrument that immerses researchers in multi-dimensional information
Released  September 6, 2011

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There are currently no events to display.
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